With all the 10 top lists floating around this time of year I thought it might appropriate to create one for VCS.donate-now

Necessary funds needed to meet very real expenses!
 At first glance you might think this list looks very familiar. It reflects some of the real costs of owning a home – it could be yours! To keep VCS operating strong there are real expenses and costs that tuition does not cover. My top 10 list is not comprehensive one nor is it in any particular order. I created it to give you a peek into the world behind the numbers.

Phew! Disaster Averted

A picture says a 1000 words… This one would say ‘Phew…Disaster Averted!’ If there was room I think I would give this image the caption … ‘Disaster Averted but it could have been a big hit for our 2016/17 Budget’.
Imagine a fund that would cover unforeseen but very real expenses… The water main leak pictured here, occurred in the very beginning of December  – it could have sent our budgetary goals reeling.

A balancing act that has been managed through talent and skill…
Tuition and government funding cover basic operational costs – not extras. Often, the long-term needs of the school are put aside to meet the demands of the urgent and pressing to-do’s. It’s a balancing act that has been managed through talent, skill, and, at times, a donation that arrives at just the right moment from a faithful donor!

God is good… And donors have been generous! Total giving to date: $38,873
We are humbled by God’s provision. And we are thankful for the many people who contributed to bring this campaign over the halfway mark to a total of $38,873. Meeting the needs for today and tomorrow rests in the hearts, in the prayers, and in the plans of the current board, staff, parents, and YOU – our extended family.  

It’s not too late… As 2016 comes to a close, consider supporting the VCS Year End Appeal.
There is still time left to join this year’s final campaign, please use this link to give securely online  https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/vernon-christian-school-society/

Donate Today. Options available

  • Pop your gift in the mail today Vernon Christian School, 6920 Pleasant Valley Road, Vernon B.C, V1B 3R5
  • E-transfer your donation to business@vcs.ca

Please make sure to denote your donation to the 2016 VCS Annual Appeal. Gifts post-marked by December 31, 2016 will be receipted for 2016. donate-now

The goal of the 2016 Annual Appeal is to raise $75,000
The annual appeal is an essential undertaking for the school community. This year’s goal is to raise $75,000 necessary funds needed to meet budgeted and visionary goals. What does this mean? Your donations will help to cover very real expenses!

  • Maintaining & improving school facilities
  • Meeting the long-term needs of the school
  • Enhancing the learning experience at VCS
  • Ensuring the affordability & accessibility of Christian education

Thank you for your support. 

PS…  Your friends and extended family maybe looking for a final write off for the 2016 taxation year.  Please forward this email or share the post on the VCS Facebook about the appeal. You never know, they might just thank you.

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