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In Preschool we are learning all about honey bees! Students explored our preschool garden looking at bees with our magnifying glasses.

Here are some preschool quotes about bees;

  • “I know all about bees!  They build a hive all by themselves.  They build it around and leave a door and put the wax in.  They can close and open the doors.”
  • “They get the nectar from flowers.”
  • “They tuck up the honey.”
  • “I have seen bees, they were chasing me!”
  • “Bees have straws that can drink the nectar.”
  • “I’ve seen bees at our house in our trees to get the pollen.”
  • “Bees sip nectar from flowers and take it back to their hive.  They spit it into the honeycomb.”
  • “Hornets sting.”
  • “We need bees living in hives.  They pollinate the flowers that make your house pretty.”
  • “They use nectar to make honey.  I put honey on bread.”
  • “Something once bit me.”

In getting a closer look at bees in our garden we were then able to make our own in class. We painted a balloon to make the body of the bee and used scissors to cut out wings for our bees.  Come check out our bees outside the preschool classroom!

Preschool classes are a special time to grow and learn.  If you are interested in learning more about our preschool program please contact Tania at

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