Intensives – Page to Publish

“WOW! I am just in awe of God’s beautiful story that He lets us be a part of.

Day 2 of our writing intensive was intense and profound. Jackie taught a workshop on “character voice” and it just cut through the fluff and got to the matters that matter. There were some specific moments where Christine (Seminutin) and I were able to witness a student being called forth in truth, and understanding being brought to their being. It’s a beautiful thing to watch someone operating in their gifting.

We had a sweet moment that made us smile as it reminded us of God’s hand intimately on this week. Christine had a devotion, I picked out a writing warm-up, and Jackie had her material for the workshop all prepared independent of one another. To our joy, they were all linked and coherent in theme and built one onto the other. Amazing.

So thank you again for your prayers. We look forward to another rich day tomorrow where we can ‘get slapped in the face with glory’.”


~ Kate Stein, SC EA