VCS has supported Antoni Ayala in the Bolivian Compassion program for almost 13 years! We have been praying for him and walking alongside him (from Canada) for his whole schooling years!

Antoni Ayala has now graduated from the Bolivian Compassion program.  This is great news as he recently turned  18 years old.  He has stated that his plans are to “Serve in his Local Community”.  We as a school community want to celebrate his accomplishments and want to help launch him into adulthood! As a school, we will be sending him a card that every EC  & SC student can sign.  As well, want to bless him with a financial gift that will go directly to him. If you are interested in supporting Antoni by literally starting his ‘independent life’ off on the right foot. Please consider sending some money with your child to either the EC or SC office labelled “Gift for Antoni” or you can send an e-transfer to

E-transfer to:

Security question:  What city is VCS located in
Answer:  Vernon

Comments: Please fill in “Support for Antoni”

before February 2nd.

        Antoni in 2009                                                                                                             Antoni in 2021

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