Reserved Parking Spot Winner Unveiled

Reserved Parking Winner

What new parent doesn’t appreciate shopping where there’s reserved parking for ‘parents with small children or expectant moms’?

When we book a flight we have the option of flying in First Class – and with a price-tag to match!

If you enjoyed our spectacular VCS Spring Fun-Raiser in June, you may have heard all the hype about the ‘Reserved Parking’ spot that was being auctioned off.  We are excited to announce that this new sign has just been installed and the Cornies Family has exclusive use of the coveted 1st spot at the top of the stairs for the 2017-18 school year.

Congratulations and thank you for your generous donation!

Let’s all celebrate with them and respect the exclusivity of their parking spot.  It’s only for a year…and who knows, maybe YOU can be next year’s winner!