Unprecedented…  That’s a word that I read and hear a lot this year to describe what only God could have known would come to pass.  His Power and Majesty are a mystery to us, and our only response has to be, trust in our loving Father whose ways we can only barely understand.    

What we thought would be the main focus of the VCS Board of Directors for 2020 has certainly shown us that we ought to make all our plans continually asking Him for His guidance and care with each step we take.  The board has had to shift gears completely in response to the current global pandemic through these bizarre months.   We have continued working hard behind the scenes to update policies, evolve the practice and function of some of our committees and respond to crises as they have arisen.  Some of our big issues have had to move to the back burner, including our commitment to the completion of our strategic planning process, the continuation of the building expansion plan, and also our response to the cultural shift we find ourselves in with regards to SOGI.  We have begun taking steps slowly to resume this important work while continuing to focus on the safety of the students, staff and VCS community.  

The board has worked intensively throughout the spring and early summer,  moving to weekly Zoom meetings in order to respond to the changing goal posts of the Ministry of Education and the Provincial Government.  This was to support Matt, Steve, Melannie and Jesse as they worked with staff to implement mandated requirements with the goal of resuming on-campus learning and community-building.   We cannot thank this team and the staff enough for their time and effort which went above and beyond.  We are thankful for the faithfulness and tenacity of our new board members who dug in to assist and serve.

With the upcoming Fall AGM on November 23rd, we would like to encourage every parent and member of the society to consider how they might support and contribute to the functioning of VCS.  There are several ways you can volunteer and encourage you to reach out to Matt, the committee Chairs or the board to discuss how your qualifications, skillset and attributes might suit one of the committees or the board.  If you have no board experience, please consider serving on one of the committees first to gain experience and learn the inner-workings of this amazing school.  We are thankful for the wisdom, faithfulness and discernment of each person who serves currently.

Thank you,
VCS School Board

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