On Monday January 20th, EC students will have an opportunity to share some of the work and progress they have made this year with their parents at our Student-Led Conferences. During each 20-minute conference students have an opportunity to present and discuss evidence of their learning and reflect on their goals for the remainder of the year.

Classes have been moved from the daytime to later in the day 3:20pm-6:20pm, so your children can teach YOU all that they have learned! 

Reminder – There is no regular school classes during the day on Monday, Jan 20th, but the expectation is that families will take part in this unique classroom evening learning.  

These conferences are excellent occasions for students to:

  • engage families in richer, more transparent conversations about their progress and learning,
  • take responsibility and ownership for their learning by involving them in goal-setting and assessment processes,
  • increase their accountability and autonomy concerning academics and their habits of work and learning, and
  • strengthen student verbal communication and critical thinking skills.

We look forward to seeing each of you there!

Any questions please contact ecoffice@vcs.ca.

Please go to your child’s grade tab and sign up.

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