For this is the power of a wise love wisely expressed: to transfigure a heart, suddenly, forever.” (Walter Wangerin Jr.)

Hello VCS students, families, and friends,

I was greatly inspired this past weekend as I read a short story by Walter Wangerin Jr. called “The Manger is Empty.”  In it, Wangerin recalls learning a profound truth from his 8-yr. old daughter one Christmas Eve: “Jesus, he doesn’t have to be in the manger, does he?  He goes back and forth, doesn’t he?  I mean, he came from heaven, and he was borned right here, but then he went back to heaven again, and because he came and went he’s coming and going all the time – right?”

Like the author, after decades of knowing the Christmas story, my spirit can easily lose connection to the magnitude of it – that God would come to us as one of us.  He didn’t stay in heaven, nor did he stay in the manger; He is always on the move, going to the greatest of lengths to pursue his children with a self-giving love that can transform them in an instant.  Wangerin says it perfectly: “This is the power of a wise love wisely expressed: to transfigure a heart, suddenly, forever.”  

As we enter a new year, let us also take encouragement from this Christmas truth for our work as a school community.  We have the remarkable mission to equip our children for a life of discipleship – to educate them with exceptional understanding and skill, exercised through the self-giving love of Christ.  As we do so, we join God in His mission, and we become agents of the same transforming love that brought Him to earth as a baby 2000 years ago.

I am so grateful for your encouragement, your prayers, and your supportive giving as we carry out this mission together as a partnership between school and family.  I wish you all a rich time of rest and celebration this Christmas season.


Matt Driediger
Vernon Christian School

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