Support the PIA fundraiser- buy your tickets!


One night only!

Wednesday, February 6th at 7pm.

Last year was such a hit our Parents-In-Action has brought them back!

 This is a family-friendly comedy show for all ages.

Tickets are $20 or $75 for a family of 4.

Tickets can be purchased here:



Please Note: This performance will be recorded and may be shown on Prime or Netflix.

A significant portion of ticket sales will go towards our school and this is where you come in!  We need your support, as well as Vernon community’s support, to make this a sellout event! We pray that this will be an amazing memorable day in our children’s lives as well as yours. It would be such a blessing to have our school community come together for this event!

Along with ticket sales we also have a chance to make this night more memorable by selling mouse traps. MOUSE TRAPS?! What does this look like? Well each mouse trap sold ($10 a trap) will be set and put on stage as part of the final Fidgets show where the Fidgets will walk blindfolded and barefoot over them all! All the sales of the traps are 100% profit for our school! Could you imagine selling enough trap to fill the stage and all the laughs that will take place by watching this!

In an effort to maximize on this opportunity we have provided mousetrap selling forms that will be sent home with your child for them to go around their neighbourhood/family/friends and sell as many as they can. There is a prize for the student and the class that sells the most.

You maybe wondering where is all the money that is raised from the Fidgets show going? Each year as a PIA we make sure the money raised from each event goes towards extras for the students and teachers.

So we pray that this has helped clarify our efforts, our heart, and our needs and we ask that you will help out by purchasing Fidgets tickets and buying some mousetraps

Please tell your friends and family about this event and help us make it the best year to date!


Thank you from Parents-In-Action Committee