Post: Courtesy of Alicia Wielemaker,  VCS Secondary Campus Teacher

On April 4th I took my French 8 students to the Maven Lane Learning Centre. Their purpose was to lead French activities they had created for the 2.5 to 5 year-olds preschoolers in the program.

Our students found the experience both enriching and engaging. The reward of a job well done and the laughter shared between both groups of students was well-earned.

“I liked that we could teach and tell the kids in french to do the actions and movements. Talking with the kids and acting with them was a moment I most appreciated” – Braeden

“I loved the bus ride altogether because there was nerves and excitement all jumbled up in one” – Luke

In their written feedback, the grade 8’s repeatedly suggested that they would have liked to stay longer and spend more time connecting with the younger kids. At VCS, we are working to create real life learning experiences with real audiences for our students. But we need regular transportation to make it happen – we need a 24 passenger bus.

The experiences gained from the time spent at Maven Lane learning centre – speaking with and leading younger french students was ‘golden’. They put their lessons into practice. It was a mutual learning opportunity and it provided an opportunity for VCS students to serve. 

When asked about it a common response from the students was:

“For me it’s the preschoolers because they are really excited to do it and they had so much excitement that the class didn’t have and they paid better attention” – Alley

The cost of weekly bus rentals is prohibitive. But you can help make real-world learning experiences like this a regular occurrence at VCS. Please support the ‘ Get them on the Bus’ campaign. We can’t do it without you.

Your gift will bring real world experiences to VCS students like Braeden, Luke and Alley. It will enrich the lives of these students and the greater community they will impact.

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