This year’s elementary and SC choir Christmas concert will be held at the Performing Art Center on Thursday, December 13th to best accommodate our growing community.

We wil be holding 2 performances on Tuesday, December 13

  •  1:00 pm Songs of Christmas Concert & Dessert Reception – this is an annual event that helps raise money for our school

  •  6:00 pm Christmas Concert. This is a FREE event for parents. BUT you must reserve your seats.

Please READ below before reserving tickets 

  • Parents can reserve up to 4 seats per family until Thursday, Dec 1. After Dec 1st, any remaining seats can be reserved (this is to ensure that all families have the opportunity to come to the performance). To obtain extra seats after Dec 1, please contact Jen at the EC office at


  • Children ages 2 years and up will require their own seats. A child who is not able to walk can sit on someone’s lap.


  • Seats will not need to be reserved for all VCS students who are in the performance. Students will be backstage with their classes. Only reserve seats for adults, siblings not in the performance and very young children who are not in school.


  • There is limited seating for wheelchair users. If you need a wheelchair space, please let Jen know at the EC office at


  • The performance starts at 6:00 pm, sharp. Please arrive early.


  • If you, or someone you know, would be interested in attending Our Songs of Christmas Concert & Dessert Reception Event, please purchase tickets at for $35 each.
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