Who’s ready to WRAP?

Gift Wrapping Vernon BC

It’s the most FUNDerful time of the year!

Christmas Gift Wrapping

Each year Vernon Christian School volunteers help spread Christmas cheer while wrapping gifts at the Village Green Centre in the month leading up to Christmas!

4 Very Good Reasons Why We Take This On…

  1. All profits are used to fund various projects that benefit VCS students – your kids!
  2. It increases our school’s visibility in the community and showcases our families within it.
  3. The fun & the laughter – it’s a great way to meet other families from VCS!
  4. It is a great opportunity to show and share God’s love and celebrate this wonderful season.

This service relies entirely on the generous efforts of our parents, staff, extended family and friends. The bottom line? It can’t be done without… YOU!

Who can help?

Students who are 14 years old or older, parents, alumni, grandparents, staff, friends and YOU can help make this opportunity for VCS a success!

Just sign up HERE on the dates and times you would be willing to help.

This year our kiosk is located in the mall in front of Canadian Tire from December 2 – 23.

If this is your first year volunteering, or you need a little refresher, please attend the tutorial that will take place on November 20th at the EC library at 7:30 pm where you will learn how to take orders, wrap, collect the money, restock and more.