Meet our Am-bus-ador

Beckham is in grade one. If you ever get the chance to hear him tell a story about his day he’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and warm up your heart.  Once Beckham graduates each one of our staff members will have played a part on the person he will become. For now Beckham has a big job…He’s our Am-bus-ador and its his job to help spread the news of the ‘Get them on the Bus Campaign. 

Your Gift is the Fuel that will Drive VCS Forward…

Last November VCS launched the ‘Get them on the Bus’ Campaign to raise $75,000 to purchase a 24 passenger bus. It’s not a ‘pick-up and drop-off’ bus that is needed but the transportation needed to fuel our education plan forward.  We know that students are transformed when they are invited into a learning experience that connects them to the “real world” – that invites them to meet a legitimate need in their community, or to participate in meaningful work that involves people and locations outside the classroom walls.  Our Bible-9 Mexico Missions trip is a fantastic examples of this – learning about the Bible by practicing its teachings in the lives and homes of others.  Nothing transforms our students’ hearts and minds as deeply as this “in the world” education.

Oh the Places We Will Go… but We Can’t Get There Without YOU!

“It’s my conviction that students are most transformed & impacted by a learning experience that connects them to the ‘real world’ – to a legitimate need, or partnership or audience outside their classroom walls.  It’s not a ‘field-trip’, its ‘FIELD WORK’ – work that matters!  The more we can tailor our curriculum design to include such opportunities, the more I believe our educational model can truly transform the hearts and minds of our students, as well as the community around them.”   Matt Driediger, SC Principal

The cost of weekly bus rentals is prohibitive. But you can help make real-world learning experiences like this a regular IMG_2482occurrence at VCS. With your donation today, Beckham and his friends won’t have to wait much longer to experience this kind of learning.  Once we have our 24- passenger bus, our teachers will be much more equipped to engage students in teaching that transforms them and their city.  Don’t think “field-trip”, think “Field-WORK” – students exercising their discipleship “muscles” in real relationship and kingdom-building.

With $39,998 raised to date, your generosity has put us well down the road!

The 24-passenger bus can only be purchased with the support of you and others like you who have chosen to give likely because you have witnessed firsthand the heart of VCS. You understand and support our staff as they diligently work to make a lasting impact on the lives of the students in their care. Will you help get Beckham on the bus?

Please give securely online at   or drop your gift off at the office or in the mail to 6920 Pleasant Valley Road, Vernon B.C, V1B 3R5

Support the ‘Let’s Get Them on the Bus’ Campaign today! Thank you. 



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