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Welcome to Vernon Christian Preschool! We love learning through discovery and play! Located in the north end of Vernon BC, our preschool offers a play-based program snugly nestled inside Vernon Christian School, a thriving, top-ranked school.

Giving your child the opportunity to experience preschool may seem like a little thing in terms of time… but it can be a big investment in their overall development and in preparing them for the school years ahead!

Vernon Christian Preschool

God created your preschoolers full of imagination and curiosity – their day is about learning, exploring and discovering. Every child has been lovingly created with unique and individual needs and your child is no exception! Our smaller classes will allow the opportunity for your son or daughter to shine! They will flourish in our play-based and values-based program that will encourage growth from a Christian perspective.  And, because development of the whole child is key for a successful transition to Kindergarten – VCS is the perfect place to start their educational journey!

Learning is Fun!

Christian Preschool Vernon

At Vernon Christian Preschool our learning space feels a bit like home. The bright, cheerful room, filled with natural light creates a warm comfortable place to settle down into and get ready for the fun activities ahead.  With a maximum number of 10, it’s a comfortable way to introduce your child to a school environment.   Each day there are opportunities to explore, create, and participate in arts & crafts, story and teaching times. Plus! Just like the big kids… your preschooler gets to play in the gym and ​visit the library too!  

Building Blocks

Vernon Christian School Preschool

What could be more fun than learning together?  Vernon Christian Preschool gives your child the chance to practice independence and cooperation in both free play and structured moments.  Our teachers are intentional about establishing routines, introducing early literacy and teaching important social skills that will help your child thrive in preschool and beyond! 

Preschool Enrolment

Our preschool teachers love God and have a sweet and gentle way of sharing His love with your kids.  Through songs, stories, drama and play, our Biblical worldview is expressed with the child’s developmental level in mind.  Among the most influential role models at this stage of your child’s life, Vernon Christian Preschool teachers understand and respect their role and appreciate the special job they have in creating a safe and Godly environment for your child to learn in.  Lots of tenderness and smiles are reserved for every preschooler!

  • Registration forms and fees re-enroling 3 year olds and NEW families for preschool students will be accepted starting January 4, 2021.
  • If your child is currently enrolled in our preschool their form is due by Friday, January 15, 2021. 
  • To best support your preschooler, we are committed to 10 students/class. Space is limited.
  • To discover more about VCP philosophy, governance and policies please use this link to open the Parent Handbook: Preschool 

Link to Inquiry for Preschool Enrolment
Preschool Program Offerings

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