Elementary Campus


I am honored that you would prayerfully consider VCS for your son or daughter. This is a community where your Christian faith and desire for an excellent education intersect –  where every subject in every grade can be part of a transformational experience for students and families, equipping them to see and live in God’s story.  I look forward to sharing more about our school with your family.


Elementary Learning
Kindergarten through Grade 6

Each unique and wonderful, Vernon Christian School students learn through activities that honour their individual abilities and learning styles. The teachers at the Elementary Campus understand that the love of learning begins at home and is fostered at school.  We focus on continually encouraging our students to discover and delight in God’s creation.

Students learn about the joy of language, the order of mathematics, the wonders of science, and the diverse cultures of the world. We enjoy sports and arts and especially our service projects.  Together in our learning community we grow in our faith, in our worship, and in our commitment to serve one another and those in our local community.  Through excellent education in a Christ-centered community we are equipping our students for a life of discipleship!

In This Together

Parents are children’s first and lifelong teachers.  Vernon Christian School highly values the partnership of parents in the schooling of their children.  Parental involvement is the key to success in school.  By welcoming you and providing opportunities for you to be connected and involved, we can work together to ensure the very best opportunities for educational success!

Uniquely His

Only an education that has the liberty to address the whole child — social, intellectual, emotional, physical AND spiritual –reaches the possibility of excellence. Our teachers and the ways we teach affirm the unique, God-given gifts and talents of your children and challenges them to achieve their amazing potential. Each child has a name and a place in the heart of VCS.

Engaging Learning

Everyone needs to know how to read, write and do math.  Those are the basics.  What if we could teach in such a way that your child would learn those things,,,but his or her interest and engagement level was heightened most of the time?  Well that’s what we do.  We start with big ideas or themes and build a learning journey that involves students and capitalizes on their innate curiosity.  The basics – the core competencies – are absolutely essential and cannot be compromised.  Taught within a framework of an enjoyable, thought-provoking and engaging curriculum, solid learning is certain…and students will love learning!  From Kindergarten on up, making learning ‘real’ and allowing students to share their learning  with a real audience is a recipe for success!

Show & Share

At VCS everyday is an open house… You don’t have to have a reason to drop into your child’s class. And if you need a reason, let curiosity or interest in your child’s day-to-day be the fuel for your visit. Report cards, parent-teacher interviews, student-led conferences and the showcase provide updates on your child’s progress and insight on how they learn and grow.  We honour our partnership with parents but communicating regularly.  We’re proud of our students’ learning and want to ensure that clear communication positions them for success in school.

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