Kindergarten at Vernon Christian School

Your child will develop a wide range of skills in kindergarten, including physical, social, emotional, language & literacy, and thinking (cognitive) skills. At Vernon Christian School we believe their spiritual lives are just as important!

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Kindergarten at Vernon Christian school is a Faith-based curriculum, meaning that the story of the Bible is woven throughout all we learn and all we do.

We have a literacy-based curriculum that focuses on using literature as a springboard for our learning.  The children are “letter detectives” and “reading detectives”, discovering letters and words all around us.  

Numeracy, Science, and Social activities are also a big part of our curriculum.  As we explore God’s creation we use theme-based topics that encourage us to problem solve, explore numbers, research, and experiment.

Furthermore, Kindergarten children need time to play as they learn and develop social skills through play with their peers. In our classroom, we provide invitations for the children to explore and express their understanding.

 As the demand for Christian education grows in our community of Vernon,
kindergarten is the perfect time to start your child’s educational journey with VCS.
Many of our classes fill up quickly each year making kindergarten our largest intake for new families
to join. 
Reach out to Savaya our admissions coordinator to set up a tour or just to hear more.

In kindergarten, we get to discover God’s Love, explore with Love, create from Love and share in Love. Knowing “I am Loved by God”.

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