EC Library – 2nd Kindergarten Class

Thanks to increased demand for excellent, Christ-centered education, VCS had the privilege of opening up a second Kindergarten class for the 2020-21 school year. To do this, the decision was made to convert the existing library into a part-time Kindergarten class and still complete Intermediate Library circulation on the days that that class is not in session. Primary Library circulation will be done at the former Development & Advancement Office at the north end of the EC. This was not a one-year decision, as future Kindergarten enrolment among existing families is looking strong! Check out these pictures taken throughout the summer showing the transformation of this space. Special thanks to maintenance staff members Rob Lessard and Kody Kongsdorf for the excellent work they did. Also, thank you to Dennis Huizinga at Arden Tile for supplying us with high quality vinyl flooring at a great price.
EC Drainage Project
The VCS Maintenance Committee had been tracking and assessing the flow of water and drainage situation at the EC this past spring. It was determined that perimeter drains, downspouts, catch basins, and drainage down the field all needed to be replaced in order to preserve the ageing EC building and avoid future damage. Led by Committee co-chairs Ryan Peters and Mark Tishenko, a proposal was put forward to get this work done over the summer. Thankfully, our Maintenance Director Rob Lessard has experience in excavation projects like this and was able to save the school a great amount of money by doing the work himself. When you see them next, please give a big thank you to Rob, Ryan, and Mark!
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