Thank you to our Parents-In-Action Team for fundraising for our new Gaga Pit. Some energetic games took place today! Thank you to R.P Vertical Enterprises for installing it. Here are a few photos of the first of many games to be enjoyed in our new pit.  Below are the Gaga Ball Rules. Learn how to play and/or remind your children.


  1. BEFORE STARTING → all players start with 1 hand touching the wall.

  1. STARTING THE GAME → someone tosses the ball in the center of the pit, and it must bounce twice on the ground. All players yell ‘GA’ for the first 2 bounces, then ‘GO’ on the third (“GA, GA, GO!!!”). On GO, the ball is live!

  1. GOAL OF GAGA → using your hand to hit/slap the ball, try to aim the ball at the legs (knees and below) of others in the pit. At any time, if a player makes any type of contact with ball at the knee or below, that player is out.

  1. HITTING THE BALL → you can only hit the ball 1 time until it either touches another player or the wall, then you are able to hit it again. Players cannot hold the ball.

  1. BALL GOES OUT → the last person the ball touched is out.

  1. GAGA WALLS → sitting on the edge wall is not allowed at anytime during the game.

  1. GAME OVER → when you are the last person in the pit, you win! If the final 2 players are playing for longer than 30 seconds, all the players outside the pit can start a count-down (10, 9, 8…..). If the game is still going, the game ends in a tie.


***these are optional rules that need to be agreed on by the group before starting the game.

EXTRA LIFE → after being out, if you catch a ball that is flying out of the pit, you can re-enter the game.

DOUBLE BALL → to speed up the time length of each game, a second ball can be added.

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