“Donna Tufts, one of our EC educational assistants wrote the following poem as a prayer, based on her own spiritual journey and our school theme for the year, “God breathed.”  We wanted to share it with the larger VCS family for your encouragement and reflection.

Did You Know How It Would Feel

by Donna Tufts, January 2020

When I heard my baby’s cry
in the stillness of the night,
tears of joy rolled down my face
as he took that breath of life.

And I pondered, did You know, Lord,
how Your first breath would feel?

When I looked into my mother’s eyes
as she took her final breath,
tears of sorrow streamed my cheeks
as I came face to face with death.

And I pondered, did You know, Lord,
how Your final breath would feel?

Your breath, O God, is life itself,
and with that breath You spoke the words
that sent Your Son from Your throne above
to be born into our world.

And I pondered, with that breath, Lord,
did You feel what it would do?

“Yes, my child,
and I still went forth,
for there’s no limit on my love for you.

Every anger, every fear,
every heartache, every tear,
every physical pain,
every broken dream,
every disappointing year;
Even death itself tried to take its toll…
I felt it all for you.

Yes, my child,
I did go forth,
I gave my life for you.
But I breathed again!
I conquered sin!
My promises are true!

So let my breath penetrate you,
let it heal your troubled soul.
Let it fill your heart with laughter;
with a joy that overflows
till peace and hope reign deep within…
…the darkness shall not win!”




Now, as the dawn breaks,
and the world awakes
to this new life God has restored…
…the day breathes…the shadows flee…
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!


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