Homestay Host-Family Program

Vernon International School Program

Homestay Host-Family Program

As part of our international student program at Vernon Christian School, and in keeping with our mission statement of excellence in a Christ-centered community, we are looking for Christian families to be homestay families for international students.  

Are you interested?  

Hosting an international student is a life-changing opportunity to develop friendships, learn about different cultures, and to make connections between people and our Creator God that will last a lifetime!

Some of the most important requirements, besides providing a safe, secure and welcoming home environment for the student, are:

  • To provide a separate bedroom for the student and the use of laundry facilities
  • To provide a healthy breakfast lunch and dinner daily, unless other arrangements have been made for the day
  • To provide safe transportation to and from school each school day (car, walking, bus, cycling etc.)
  • To orient the student to your family life, neighborhood, and city by including him or her in all family activities whenever possible
  • To encourage the student to learn about Canadian culture, while you listen and learn about their culture as well!


Homestay Application

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BC International Homestay Guidelines