Now that the school year is in full swing with all of its new procedures, we have a few students who are repeatedly forgetting their reusable masks. The school has provided each SC student with 2 personal reusable masks and our expectation is that they be worn in accordance with our operational guidelines and Covid protocols. While we’ve been providing disposable masks, this has become rather wasteful, and costly of time and money. In an effort to be good stewards and reduce the disposable mask waste we are asking that parents please reinforce the importance for your child(ren) to bring (and wear) their own reusable mask each day.  If a pattern of forgetfulness persists, we will contact you directly. Thank you for your help in this matter. We appreciate your support.

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  1. My son says he did not receive any masks and has never been asked to wear one. It makes sense to wear a mask at times but his experience is different than outlined in this message. He is in Miss Sarafinchan’s class

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