On a wet Friday morning, Vernon Christian School’s Grade 12 French class hosted the second round in our ‘Fast, Fresh Breakfast for France – a trip that will not only provide our students with an opportunity to minister in another corner of the world, but a chance to share God’s love right in our own neighbourhood.

Due to many students being away at tournaments and multiple teachers away at conferences, we had a surplus of fresh, hot breakfast sandwiches that needed to be consumed.  The students didn’t want the food to go to waste, so it was proposed that we give back to our local people in need.  The sandwiches were delivered, still hot, to the Upper Room Mission.  Without being aware of facility schedules in advance, we walked in to a full dining room, just as breakfast was being served.  Those still in line were offered sandwiches, and those already seated had sandwiches delivered to them by the students.  The REALLY cool aspect of this event was that everyone who wanted one of the sandwiches, received one…no one went without, and – reminiscent of the gospel story of loaves and fishes – God knew the exact number of provision, as not one sandwich was left in our boxes.

This is just ONE example of how the students at Vernon Christian School have a heart for ministry – and how God is blessing what they’re doing.  If we adjust our heart to beat in time with God’s heart, He will bless what our hands touch when we partner with Him.  He chooses to bless our efforts, many times in ways we cannot foresee.  God is indeed good!

Just a reminder, that the Grade 12 French class will be selling breakfast bags, complete with hot, fresh breakfast sandwich, an apple, and a minty treat for the next two Friday mornings.  Thanks again to the generosity of our sponsors, including Wal-Mart, Davison Orchards, Boston Pizza and Swan Lake Nurseryland.


Mrs. Poldolski’s Grade 12 French class

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