Vernon Christian School’s
4th Annual
Spaghetti Bridge Building Competition

Over 80 students in grades 8 and 9 competed in our 4th Annual Spaghetti Bridge Building Contest on Thursday, February 16

The objective of this competition is to build the lightest open-span arch or truss bridge that will support a mass of 1.0 kg. The bridge is to be constructed using only spaghetti and hot glue while meeting the specifications stated in the contest rules.

Teams had 2 hours to build their bridge, after which they will be stress-tested by hanging the official mass on the bridge deck. The team whose bridge supports the official mass (1 kg)  for a period of 60 seconds, meets the contest rules, and has the smallest bridge mass will win the competition. The top 3 teams are heading to Kelowna next week Friday, March 3rd to represent VCS at the 38th Annual Spaghetti Bridge Building contest at Okanagan College in Kelowna.

1st Place Team                                                     2nd Place Team                                               3rd Place Team

The goal is to promote creative and critical thinking in a problem-solving environment, with students needing to optimize the strength-to-weight ratio (the lighter the bridge, the better, so long as it holds a minimum weight of 1kg). In addition to the connection in the engineering field, it is a great team-building exercise for the students within a contest format.


Westwood Engineering is a local Engineering Firm in the
Okanagan and is a returning sponsor of our event.

MQN Architects is located in Vernon, BC and is comprised of two companies — MQN Architects and MQN Interiors. MQN is joining as a new event sponsor this year.


A huge shout-out goes to Mr. Sevenhuysen who organizes and hosts this event every year!


Here are pictures from this year’s event!

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