Be in the know: Keeping Informed at VCS

It is vital that our VCS community  -parents, staff and students, plays an active role in keeping informed of the day to day at VCS. Throughout the school year staff, will use a variety of means to communicate with the home regarding student progress and other issues affecting their learning. Here are a few communication tools […]

Summer Volleyball Camp in Vernon, BC

Summer Volleyball Camp in Vernon, BC at VCS for students entering grades 5,6, & 7. $100 includes qualified instruction, camp t-shirt! Plus… be entered to win in the daily prize draw! Improve your skills. Dig into basic volleyball fundamentals such as underhand contacts, overhead volley, serving, blocking, spiking, competition preparation, mental focus and nutrition Sign up […]

Vernon students rally to support VCS Music & Performing Arts Program

Enthusiasm is high around campus as students rally to support the VCS Music & Performing Arts Program.   The challenge? To raise the funds needed to purchase equipment to bring our music program to a whole new level 😉 The goal? To raise $19,500 to purchase the staging, risers & SC storage container! All VCS students […]

Drive a Ford is Coming to VCS! Save the date: June 2

Plans are underway for this year’s Spring FUNraiser. And thanks to the efforts of a couple of our awesome parents, our school has been given the green light for the Drive 4 Ur School Fundraiser. Ford will bring cars, trucks on campus Friday, June 2.  For every valid test drive completed at the event, Ford […]

A picture says a 1000 words: This one could have said “Phew… Disaster Averted!”

With all the 10 top lists floating around this time of year I thought it might appropriate to create one for VCS. Necessary funds needed to meet very real expenses!  At first glance you might think this list looks very familiar. It reflects some of the real costs of owning a home – it could […]

Raising Necessary Funds to meet Necessary Goals: Supporting the 2016 Year End Appeal

Giving to Date: $37,032 As a parent of a student at VCS you have stepped into a partnership that is centred on equipping your child for success. Tuition is a part of our lives.  When asked to give money to support the Annual Appeal, the question often arises: why should we give more funds to […]

Why Philippians 4:13 Doesn’t Mean what You Think

I can do all things through him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13 is a verse that Christians are constantly confronted by; we hear it in church, talk about it in school, and even see it written on the shoes of professional athletes. In fact, athletes of all sports and skill levels like to rely […]