A Portrayal of Salvation: Art class explores media

My middle school students had a strange fixation with a song titled “Train Station” by the Gray Havens for over a year now. I had asked them “What is the deal with this song?” To which they replied “Miss Wielemaker, it is the message of salvation!” Humbled, I thought I should probably look into it. [...]

A picture says a 1000 words: This one could have said “Phew… Disaster Averted!”

With all the 10 top lists floating around this time of year I thought it might appropriate to create one for VCS. Necessary funds needed to meet very real expenses!  At first glance you might think this list looks very familiar. It reflects some of the real costs of owning a home – it could […]

The Manger is Empty: Principal’s Christmas Message 2016-17

“For this is the power of a wise love wisely expressed: to transfigure a heart, suddenly, forever.” (Walter Wangerin Jr.) Hello VCS students, families, and friends, I was greatly inspired this past weekend as I read a short story by Walter Wangerin Jr. called “The Manger is Empty.”  In it, Wangerin recalls learning a profound […]

Raising Necessary Funds to meet Necessary Goals: Supporting the 2016 Year End Appeal

Giving to Date: $37,032 As a parent of a student at VCS you have stepped into a partnership that is centred on equipping your child for success. Tuition is a part of our lives.  When asked to give money to support the Annual Appeal, the question often arises: why should we give more funds to […]

Why Philippians 4:13 Doesn’t Mean what You Think

I can do all things through him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13 is a verse that Christians are constantly confronted by; we hear it in church, talk about it in school, and even see it written on the shoes of professional athletes. In fact, athletes of all sports and skill levels like to rely […]

Attention All Gift Wrappers: Shifts Left to Fill

(Great Intention + Holiday Cheer) x Commitment = Success for VCS! Urgently required… VCS volunteers to help spread Christmas cheer while wrapping presents at the Village Green Centre. A number of shifts are still wide open and need to be filled. Students over 14 & parents, alumni, grandparents, supporters and friends  and YOU can help […]

Christ-centred Christmas Event to delight Vernon guests: Songs of Christmas at VCS

100 Seats left to Sell … Pass on an invite and help fill the house!  You, your friends and family won’t want to miss out on this must see Christmas celebration of the season!  This season, warm your heart and celebrate a true Christmas message! Get your tickets today and plan to attend Vernon Christian […]